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What will I be doing?

Searchlight Orphan Care offers 4 volunteer programmes. Volunteers can tailor their own placement as they want. You can choose to work entirely in one area or across 2, 3 or even all 4 programmes.

  • Teaching
Volunteers can teach in any one or a combination of the Australian Primary School, Australian Secondary School, Kambona Nursery School or Bright Stars Primary School.

Volunteers typically teach English and any other subject they have knowledge of and an interest in teaching. Past volunteers have taught subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Geography. Volunteers will have an opportunity to become involved in extracurricular activities such as arts, music, football coaching and sport.  Whatever you are interested in you will be encouraged to use your own initiative to provide the children with a stimulating and fun environment.  You can also help the students with their homework and provide after school tuition to smaller groups of students.

Volunteers can choose how much responsibility they wish to take on and how many hours each day they teach. You can choose to immediately teach a whole class yourself or spend some time as teaching assistant before taking the whole class yourself or spend the whole placement as an assistant; it really is up to you.

  • Orphan Care
Volunteers work with the children at the Far and Wide Children’s Home. The work here is varied, challenging, fun and centered around the children.

There is no typical day at the orphanage but volunteers' main duties include teaching the children English and keeping them engaged and stimulated by organising educational and recreational activities. You will also look after the children on a daily basis, cooking them porridge and making sure they are healthy and clean. The orphans will be fascinated by you and you will be a role model for them, teaching them important life skills, morals and lessons for life.

  • Health Centre

Volunteers work in the Mothers and Babies Health Centre in Msema. The work on the project benefits from a varied schedule covering several aspects of the health programme. You will work alongside the mothers and babies in the local community, providing them with a range of support.

You will educate the women on various topics such as dietary education, advice on growing and cooking food and the importance of hygiene and sanitation through demonstrations and classroom lessons. You will also lead or support workshops teaching the women basic first aid and educating them on medical issues such as avoiding common diseases such as malaria and AIDs. The project also includes helping set up income generating initiatives that will enable the community become more self sufficient. You will offer emotional encouragement and personal support to the mothers and children. You will spend time listening to their stories and telling them your own, building a strong relationship with them so you can best support their personal development.

  • Government Clinics

SOC hosts volunteers interested in medical placements who are willing to work in busy governmental clinics such as Migowi and Kalinde.

If you are interested in this please contact us for further information as the placements available change from time to time.